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Three certified, deal-ready industrial sites and one Select Tennessee certified site are ready for your business. Certified and ready sites generally have established utility and transportation infrastructure, documented environmental conditions, and geotechnical analysis, as well as significant acreage for building. Companies of all sizes find these sites attractive for manufacturing and growth.

Find success here in Lauderdale County

BlueOval City

BlueOval™ City will be the Tennessee home for Ford's electric revolution and more. It is under construction in Haywood County, Lauderdale's neighbor. The campus will include the Ford assembly plant for F-series trucks, a supplier park, and a battery manufacturing plant operated by BlueOvalSK, Ford and SK Innovation’s joint venture.

Lauderdale County is blessed with the infrastructure to house businesses that will support the new Ford venture. Three certified industrial sites, more than one million gallons of sewer/water capacity, and plenty of electricity means that Lauderdale is ready for your business.

When the plant is fully operational, it will employ more than 6,000 people. If that includes you, enjoy our unmatched quality of life in Lauderdale County and still be only minutes away for work.

Ideal Destination: Lauderdale County

Businesses need reliable access to transportation. Highways connecting our area to air and sea transport are plentiful. The CN Railroad is within easy reach. Arnold Field Airport has a 4,700-ft. runway, accommodates general aviation air traffic, and sits on the county line. Memphis International Airport, the world’s second largest airport for freight transport thanks to being the superhub for FedEx, is only an hour away. Less than an hour south of Lauderdale County, businesses can access the Mississippi River via the Port of Memphis, one of the busiest inland river ports in the U.S.

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